Mallory Loyola First Woman Charged Under New Tennessee Law That Criminalizes Drug Use During Pregnancy -

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Mallory Loyola First Woman Charged Under New Tennessee Law That Criminalizes Drug Use During Pregnancy

KNOXVILLE, TN – Mallory Loyola has made her family proud by becoming the first woman to be charged under a controversial Tennessee law that makes it a crime to take drugs while pregnant.

The 26-year-old was arrested and charged with assault after both she and her newborn infant tested positive for meth. The law allows a woman to be charged with assault if it’s found she illegally used a narcotic drug while pregnant and her infant ends up harmed or addicted to the drug.

Unfortunately for Loyola, this new law just went into effect this month, and she admitted to police that her infant tested positive for meth because she smoked meth just days before giving birth. The charge is a misdemeanor, and Loyola has been released on $2,000 bail.

Lawmakers hope this new law will help deter other women from using drugs while pregnant. “Hopefully it will send a signal to other women who are pregnant and have a drug problem to seek help. That’s what we want them to do,” said Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens.

However, the law has its critics who don’t feel this is the way situations like this should be handled.

“This dangerous law unconstitutionally singles out new mothers struggling with addiction for criminal assault charges,” Thomas Castelli, legal director of the ACLU Tennessee, said in a statement. “By focusing on punishing women rather than promoting healthy pregnancies, the state is only deterring women struggling with alcohol or drug dependency from seeking the pre-natal care they need.”

Personally, I agree with him. The only thing charging pregnant women with substance abuse problems is going to do is cost taxpayers more money. It won’t solve a thing. I think Michael Botticelli, former director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, summed it up best when he came out against the new law.

“What’s important is that we create environments where we’re really diminishing the stigma and the barriers, particularly for pregnant women, who often have a lot of shame and guilt about their substance abuse disorders,” he said. “We know that it’s usually a much more effective treatment and less costly to our taxpayers if we make sure that we’re treating folks.”

The law does take drug treatment into account, allowing a woman who was in drug treatment before giving birth and successfully completed treatment afterwards, to use that as a defense if charged.

Maybe one of these days we’ll go back to treating people with addictions as patients, not as criminals. I know the public want their “instant justice” when it comes to certain crimes, but drug laws like this never work in society’s favor any more than the knee-jerk laws named after a bullied teen.

All drug laws have ever done is create another revenue stream for the states that enforce them, while ensuring addiction and mental illness remain cloaked with stigma and shame.

Some of you may feel my above statement is highly hypocritical, especially since I’m offering this meth-addict up for public shaming.  For those people I would ask that they not confuse me pointing out simple facts as me giving a shit about which direction society decides to travel. I’m just a nihilist with a website.

Elizabeth Johnson, Mother Of Missing Baby Gabriel, A Free Woman -

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Elizabeth Johnson, Mother Of Missing Baby Gabriel, A Free Woman

PHOENIX, AZ – Elizabeth Johnson, the mother and main suspect in the disappearance of her 8-month-old son, is now a free woman after spending less than five years behind bars.

We first reported on the disappearance of Gabriel Johnson back in 2010 after Johnson fled to Texas with him on the eve of a custodial hearing. Since she was a no-show, Johnson lost custodial rights to Gabriel.

She would tell Gabriel’s father that she’d killed Gabriel, and blamed him for her actions. Authorities would eventually apprehend Johnson in Miami Beach, Florida but Gabriel was not with her. While in custody, Johnson would recant her murder confession and claim to have given Gabriel to a couple at a Texas park.

However, during an unauthorized, three hour meeting between Johnson and Detective John Salame, Johnson would again confess to killing her son. The detective says he was close to getting the location of the boy’s body when Johnson’s lawyer, who was unaware the jailhouse interview was taking place, walked in and pulled the plug.

This all worked out in Johnson’s favor since the interview, along with her confession, was not allowed in court during her 2012 trial. Unable to prove she murdered Gabriel, a jury could only find her guilty of conspiracy to commit custodial interference, custodial interference and unlawful imprisonment.

On Friday, after spending four and a half years behind bars, Johnson was released from Perryville Prison. Her attorney says she is a changed woman.

“I think from the day that I met Elizabeth to the day she gets released tomorrow, she has changed dramatically,” Mark Victor said. “She’s almost a different person.” Awesome.

Gabriel remains missing.

Couple Charged After Leaving Young Girl In Hot Truck As Punishment -

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Couple Charged After Leaving Young Girl In Hot Truck As Punishment

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The parents of a 5-year-old girl have been arrested and charged with child abuse after police said they left the girl in a hot truck as punishment.

Good Samaritans in a Home Depot parking lot said they heard a child crying for help inside a pickup truck parked in 90-degree heat. The truck was off, had its windows rolled up and its doors locked. The girl had been in the truck for over an hour and managed to crawl out of the rear sliding window.

Sheena Mayorga and her fiancé Hector Ramirez, along with their friend John Bodenheimer, went to the girl’s aid and tried calming her down. Mayorga said the girl was sweating from head to toe and was “screaming, sweating, unsure, and very scared.”

Police were called while another customer and some Home Depot employees took the girl inside the air-conditioned store and gave her water. The girl told police that her parents, Angelica Lerma-Montoya and Dulces Monge-Perez, ordered her to stay in the truck as punishment for eating earlier in the day.

Paramedics ended up taking the girl to the hospital to be treated for dehydration and heat exposure. Her parents did not emerge from the store until 45 minutes after police arrived on the scene. They were both charged with felony child abuse with great bodily harm. Their bond has been set at $40,000.

The couple’s 19-year-old daughter said this was all a big misunderstanding and that her parents didn’t know the girl was in the truck. She said the 5-year-old always follows her parents and sometimes they don’t notice she’s around. She said her parents have always taken good care her and her five younger siblings.

Aside from the 19-year-old, the couple’s five other children are now in the custody of the Children, Youth and Families Department.

“I hope they don’t get the child back, they don’t deserve the child if they’re going to be doing that,” Bodenheimer said. “I mean, they were in the store for over an hour. That child could have easily died.”

Homeless Woman Dies After Driver Parks Car On Top Of Her -

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Homeless Woman Dies After Driver Parks Car On Top Of Her

ST_PETERSBURG, FL – - A homeless woman died after she picked one of the worst places ever to fall asleep — a female driver’s designated parking space.

Police say that on Tuesday night, 55-year-old Henrietta Dickson either fell asleep or passed out in a designated parking space between two carport support pillars. When 55-year-old Fathima Masud returned home and pulled into the space, she did not see Dickson and accidentally parked on top of her.

Masud stated that she did notice a slight bump when she pulled in, but when she got out of her car to check, she found a tote bag full of clothing just behind her front left tire. Assuming that’s what she ran over and not seeing Dickson, who police say could only be seen from the front of the car, Masud went inside her home.

It wasn’t until the next morning that a passerby called police to report someone was sleeping underneath a car after they noticed Dickson’s hand sticking out from beneath the front of Masud’s car.

When officers arrived, they found Dickson wasn’t sleeping. She was dead. Police said they suspect Dickson may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident, and do not plan on charging Masud.

Naked Man Accused Of Breaking Into Family’s Home, Licking Young Girl -

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Naked Man Accused Of Breaking Into Family’s Home, Licking Young Girl

San Jose, CAVictor Manzanares, 39, is facing multiple charges after allegedly entering a family’s home and inappropriately touching their two young daughters before attempting to burn their house down.

Officers responded to the home Monday, after receiving several reports of a naked man running rampant through the neighborhood.

While cops were combing the neighborhood, a butt nekkid Manzanares reportedly entered the home through an unlocked door. Once inside, police say, he walked into the bedroom of a 10-year-old girl and got all touchy-feely.

“He came into my room… he kissed my cheek, I thought it was my dad, and then he lied next to my bed and tried to touch my bum,” the girl said.

Not sure what caused Manzaneres to exit the room, but he soon wandered into the living room where a 12-year-old girl was napping.

“I was on the couch taking a nap,” the girl said. “I was in deep sleep when the man licked my face and I freaked out.”

The two girls rounded up their little brother and beat feet out of the house. The children’s mother, who was ordered out by police just minutes earlier, was waiting for them.

According to mom, prior to confronting her kids, Manzanares turned on all the burners of their stove and gas heater and put a pile of her clothes next to it. She believed he intended to light the place up.

After a brief standoff with police, Manzanares was taken into custody.

He is accused of burglary, annoying and molesting a minor, lewd and lascivious acts with a minor, being under the influence of drugs and resisting arrest. Police say he is on probation, but further details are not yet available. It has been determined that Manzanares is not listed on the sex offender registry. Yet.

h/t: newstarshipsmell

Anthony Lane Charged With Murder 22 Years After Beating Infant Daughter -

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Anthony Lane Charged With Murder 22 Years After Beating Infant Daughter

MURFREESBORO, TN – Anthony Lane has been charged with first degree murder after his daughter died at the age of 22 from injuries she received from a beating when she was only five weeks old.

Lane was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1992 after he “violently beat” his daughter Amanda. The girl’s mother, Stephanie Pinson, would be sentenced to two years in jail after being convicted for accessory after the fact of child abuse.

While Amanda survived the beating, she was left critically injured. Authorities said she required four injections daily for a diabetic condition, suffered from seizures, and had cerebral palsy.

Despite this, Amanda would live for 22 years until finally dying last year. An autopsy would reveal her death was caused by complications to the blunt force trauma she suffered as an infant.

Nancy Woodall-Holmes, who adopted Amanda when she was three months old, described Amanda as “pure joy” and woke up and went to sleep with a smile each day.

“She could only do less than a newborn baby,” said Woodall-Holmes. “She couldn’t suck or swallow. She was blind and non-verbal, fed through a tube in the stomach.”

Lane, now 41, is being held in the Rutherford County jail. A hearing has been set for July 18. It’s not going to be a change of scenery for Lane as he was already serving a 25 year prison sentence after being convicted of aggravated child abuse in 2003.

After serving his sentence for beating Amanda, he had a son that he almost beat to death. Like Amanda, the boy was was also left with devastating disabilities, including blindness, epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

Mom Helped Boyfriend Bury Her Daughter After He Stomped Toddler To Death -

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Mom Helped Boyfriend Bury Her Daughter After He Stomped Toddler To Death

ARLINGTON, TX – Alexis Botello, 17,  and her boyfriend, 20-year-old Joshua Beard, are behind bars after Beard beat the toddler to death and the couple hid the toddler’s body.

Police responded to a hotel where the couple were staying after Beard’s aunt called to report the child, Tylea Moore, was missing. When police interviewed Botello, she initially stated she hadn’t seen her child in two days.

Police weren’t buying it and after further questioning, Botello admitted Tylea was dead. She said that Beard, her boyfriend of a few months, had beat the little girl to death but “didn’t mean to do it.”

Here’s what she says happened, you be the judge:

Botello said she and Beard were fighting over Beard pushing and yelling at Tylea. Beard allegedly hit the girl repeatedly and threw Tylea on the bed so hard that she bounced off and landed on the floor. That’s when Botello said he stomped on her stomach until she puked up green stuff.

When Botello checked on her daughter in the morning, she said Tylea “looked awful” and had bruises on her ribs, chest, arms, legs and tops of her feet. She also had bite marks all over her and two cuts on her mouth. She was also unresponsive. After they both tried CPR on the toddler without success, they did the only logical thing they could…

They put the dead girl in the trunk of a car and drove to Walmart where they bought gloves and shovels. From there they drove to a bridge in Springtown where they chucked Tylea’s body in a hole they dug. Investigators have recovered human remains, but have not confirmed whether they belong to Tylea.

Beard, who was already in jail for marijuana possession and speeding, is now facing a capital murder charge. He’s currently in the Arlington jail on a $1 million bail. Botello is facing charges of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and injury to a child. Her bail has been set at $125,000.

Walter Eagle Tail Choked To Death During Hot Dog Eating Contest -

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Walter Eagle Tail Choked To Death During Hot Dog Eating Contest

CUSTER, SD – Fourth of July celebrations got off to a bad start when a South Dakota man choked to death while participating in a hot dog eating contest.

Walter Eagle Tail, 47, was competing with five others at an even organized by the Custer Chamber of Commerce at a local city park. The speed-eating contest was the start of Fourth of July weekend festivities, and one they’ve held for the last several years.

Witnesses say that once people realized Eagle Tail was choking on a hot dog, paramedics were called to the scene. “There was someone doing CPR when we arrived,” said Custer County Sheriff Rick Wheeler. “He probably just suffocated. It got lodged in his throat and they couldn’t get it out. It all happened within minutes.”

Eagle Tail was rushed to Custer Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Organizers decided to call off a pie-eating contest scheduled for the next day.

This may be the second story we’ve featured in 10 years that involved someone dying during an eating contest. In 2012, we reported on Edward Archbold, the Florida man who collapsed and died shortly after winning a live cockroach eating contest.

However, there was some good news in the speed-eating circuit over the weekend. Hot dog eating world-record holder Joey “Jaws” Chestnut participated in Brooklyn’s annual hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, and managed to eat 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Yay.

Douchebag Accused Of Punching Girlfriend’s Bunny After She Dumps Him -

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Douchebag Accused Of Punching Girlfriend’s Bunny After She Dumps Him

Boynton Beach, FL – This pudgy bitch was arrested for allegedly throwing his girlfriend across a room and violently attacking her pet rabbit after the woman ended their relationship.

It all started with an argument about women’s rights….

Police say that mid-argument, the victim retreated to her bedroom in an attempt to end the fighting. The alleged douchebag, 28-year-old James Wertz, continued to scream and whine, so the woman told him it was over.

A short time later, police say, the woman heard a high pitched screaming coming from the living room. She told police she walked out to find Wertz squeezing and punching her rabbit. He was hitting it so hard, she said, blood was pouring from its face. And that’s about the time I would’ve rearranged his stupid fucking Mr. Potato Head face…

She intervened, pushing Wertz away. When he tried to apologize, she said, she kicked him and reached for the phone to call 911. Wertz responded by throwing her across the room and storming out of the apartment.

Wertz was located a few hours later and arrested on charges of domestic battery and animal cruelty. He was ordered held on a $3,000 bond.

The victim reportedly had a red mark on her arm from where Wertz grabbed her, but is fine. The rabbit is expected to recover.

Wannabe Cougar Threatens Man With Knife And Cane After He Refuses Her Advances -

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Wannabe Cougar Threatens Man With Knife And Cane After He Refuses Her Advances

Port St Lucie, FLA 56-year-old woman has been charged with assault after allegedly threatening a much younger man with a knife and a cane because he refused to give her the D.

Elizabeth Highley apparently lured the alleged victim, 25-year-old Crue Finleyinto her lair with the promise of an alcoholic beverage or three on the evening of June 16. (Something tells me the beverage in question was of the boxed variety because CLASS). Once she had him all comfy and cozy, she made her move.

Much to her chagrin, dude bolted. Quick like.

According to the police report, an officer parked nearby reported seeing Finley hauling ass down the street, yelling something about being chased by a woman with a knife. And right behind him, Highley — carrying a long silver knife and a broken wooden cane.

Finley reportedly made it clear to the officer that he and Highley were so not a couple. He claimed that once he denied Highley’s sexual advances, she got a little violent. The arresting officer noted Finley had a small cut on his thumb, an injury he apparently received while trying to escape the woman’s home.

Highley, apparently angry, in tears and intoxicated at the time of her arrest, was charged with aggravated assault. She was released on $3500 bail later that same day.