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Police Arrest Brother, 12, In Fatal Stabbing Of 8-Year-Old Leila Fowler

Valley Springs, CA – Police arrested 12-year-old  Isaiah Fowler on Saturday and will be charging him with the death of his 8-year-old sister, Leila Fowler, who was murdered last month.

On April 27, the Isaiah and Leila were home alone when Leila was stabbed more than twenty times inside their home. The brother told police he saw a man with long grey hair leaving their home and found his sister suffering from multiple stab wounds. A neighbor also told police they’d also seen the man running from the scene.

Police began an intensive search for the suspect while residents were told he was considered armed and dangerous and instructed to lock their doors as deputies searched the area. Authorities searched the home and neighborhood, while dive teams searched two reservoirs near the house.

Aside from possible fingerprints and DNA found in the home, and a possible link to an abduction attempt in a nearby town, police didn’t seem to be getting any closer to finding the person responsible. But in a statement issued Saturday, Sheriff Gary Kuntz informed the public they could sleep safely as they’d found the person responsible – Isaiah Fowler.

“Today Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested the murderer of eight year old Leila Fowler. At 5:10 p.m. detectives arrested Leila’s 12 year old brother at the Sheriff’s Office’s Valley Springs Substation on the charge of homicide,” the statement reads.

The statement did not say what evidence led to the arrest, or if Isaiah has admitted to murdering his sister. I’m guessing the fingerprints and DNA must have linked him, as well as some of the knives police had taken from the home. The neighbor’s statement, the one that had me believing the boy’s story, was later discredited by investigators.

As much as I would like to know the motive behind the stabbing, I want to know the story behind the neighbor’s statement and how it was discredited.

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