Scott Sholds Accused Of Using Cell Phone To Record Himself Raping 2-Year-Old Girl -

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Scott Sholds Accused Of Using Cell Phone To Record Himself Raping 2-Year-Old Girl

Fayetteville, AR – Police have arrested 31-year-old Scott Sholds after they say he used a cell phone to record himself raping a 2-year-old girl.

Police say Sholds was busted after his ex-girlfriend discovered the video on her cell phone. She thought she’d lost the phone, not realizing her son had taken it and given to Sholds, the boy’s father.

After getting the cell phone back, she discovered a video on the phone and was horrified to find it was a video of a man raping a child later identified as the 2-year-old daughter of the woman Sholds was living with.

The ex-girlfriend called police and told them she was positive the man in the video was Sholds. I’m assuming his face was not seen in the video, as police had to match Sholds’ voice with the voice heard in the recording.

Sholds didn’t do himself any favors when he denied raping the child and claiming he never lived or slept at the little girl’s home, as police would discover he’d been living with the girl’s mother for the last nine days.

Sholds was arrested and charged with suspicion of distributing, possession and viewing child pornography, computer exploitation of a child and felony rape or sexual intercourse. He’s currently in the Washington County Detention Center on $100,000 bond. His first court date is scheduled for May 16.

Demetrio Campbell Accused Of Breaking Into Home, Raping 4-Year-Old Girl -

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Demetrio Campbell Accused Of Breaking Into Home, Raping 4-Year-Old Girl

Chicago, IL – Demetrio Campbell has been accused of kicking in the door of a home and then raping a 4-year-old girl inside.

The 27-year-old convicted felon reportedly tried luring the girl and her older sister as they played outside, but the girls ran inside their home and locked the door behind them.

Campbell wasn’t letting a door stand in the way of some child rape, so he kicked in the door. Once inside, he instructed two older people in the home to leave, which they did. Campbell then took the 4-year-old into a bedroom and raped her.

One of the people Campbell ordered out of the home notified police, who found the victim in her bedroom and Campbell in the bedroom’s closet smoking a cigarette. He was arrested and charged with predatory criminal sexual assault and home invasion.

Campbell has past convictions for residential burglary and aggravated robbery. His most recent conviction was in 2008 in which he was sentenced to four years in prison. On Wednesday, Judge Edward Bowden ordered Campbell held without bond and also ordered Campbell to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

According to Campbell’s grandfather, Campbell has been in and out of foster homes since he was 8-years-old and suffers from mental problems. “His mind is not too good. He just talks crazy,” Charles Campbell said.

Cruise Worker Confesses To Beating, Raping, and Attempting to Throw A Passenger In The Ocean -

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Cruise Worker Confesses To Beating, Raping, and Attempting to Throw A Passenger In The Ocean

Fort Lauderdale, Florida — A cruise worker aboard the MS Nieuw Amsterdam admitted to beating, raping and then attempting to throw a passenger overboard from her cabin’s balcony.

According to the victim’s report, Holland America cruise line employee Ketut Pujayasa, 28, appeared in her darkened room in the middle of the night and punched, strangled, and raped her.

Objects he used in the assault included a curling iron, a laptop computer, and a phone cord. She reportedly lost consciousness at least once during the incident. Prosecutors say the attack left her “covered in blood from head to toe.”

Pujayasa joins a long list of other people who seem to be trying to show the world that Florida-based crime is a little weirder and more extreme than the rest of the country…

The assault happened on Valentine’s Day, and it ruined the holiday for other passengers who don’t find brutal, graphic violence romantic.

According to the FBI’s report, Pujayasa was retaliating against an insult from the victim. After he knocked three times on the victim’s door she said, “Wait a minute, son of a bitch!” This angered the Indonesian citizen so much that he plotted revenge.

His first plan was to locate the woman on the Lido deck 9 and punch in her the face, but he abandoned that plan after realizing the area was too crowded. He then used his company-issued master key to enter the victim’s empty room and hid on her balcony.

When the woman returned, Pujayasa started his assault. He later told authorities he tried to cover up the attack by throwing her overboard. Pujayasa only stopped assaulting the victim because someone was knocking on the victim’s stateroom door.

Pujayasa escaped, naked from the waist down, by jumping from balcony to balcony. When he returned to his cabin, he instructed his cabin mate to call ship security. He was detained on the ship until it reached Port Everglades. Since company policy strongly forbids savage beatings and rape, he was immediately fired.

The victim was taken via air ambulance to a hospital in South Florida. According to the cruise line, Holland America arranged for the victim’s family to fly to South Florida, so they can be with her while she recovers.

>A statement from the company read in part, “We continue to work closely with authorities to understand how this incident occurred and what additional actions we can take to help ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.”

Former Teacher Gets 6 Months For Molesting 12-Year-Old Student -

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Former Teacher Gets 6 Months For Molesting 12-Year-Old Student

TACOMA, WA – A former sixth-grade teacher was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually abusing a 12-year-old student for over a year, but with four months already served, will spend the remaining two months at home.

Keshia Shaw was a math and science teacher at at Tacoma’s Gray Middle School when she first started molesting one of her students in 2007. The sexual abuse continued for over a year and a half, stopping only after the boy heard a sermon about molestation and finally told his mother what was happening.

Shaw would eventually plead guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape, in exchange for a six-month sentence. Judge McCarthy delivered the sentence on Tuesday, but was reluctant. He said he’d read through the court documents and didn’t like that Shaw kinda shifted some of the blame on the victim.

However, standing before the judge, Shaw took full responsibility for her actions and Judge McCarthy ended up crediting her for the four months she’s already served, and agreed to let her go home with a monitoring device to serve out the remaining two months.

This was partly due to Shaw’s deteriorating health and because she cannot get treatment for her multiple sclerosis while in jail. The facial hair you see in the picture is a result of doctors at the Pierce County jail taking her off of a medication used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome, because they felt it was harming her blood sugar levels.

Shaw will have to register as a sex offender and be subject to ongoing monitoring for life under a provision known as lifetime community custody. Shaw was also ordered to begin sex-offender treatment that will be monitored by the court for the next five years.

Grandmother, Mother And Stepfather Arrested For Horrific Abuse Of Three Children -

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Grandmother, Mother And Stepfather Arrested For Horrific Abuse Of Three Children

Wheelersburg, OH – A mother, stepfather and grandmother are in custody, accused of holding four young children prisoner in their southern Ohio home, binding them with ropes and chains, and torturing them both physically and sexually.

The Scioto County Sheriff’s department first learned about the abuse allegations on Jan. 30th, when a teacher at an online learning school said one of the girls emailed her and asked her to call 911. The victims all lived in the home together and were being home schooled via computer, authorities said.

That same computer enabled an 11-year-old girl to reach out for help via email, claiming she and her siblings were being held prisoner in their home and were being tortured. A Sheriff’s deputy, accompanied by county children’s services, went to the home and interviewed the siblings, and evidence of the alleged abuse was apparent.

“The children stated that they had been tied with ropes and chains to their beds for weeks at a time, sometimes longer (and were) only untied to do school work on the computer,” the sheriff’s department said. The children said they were naked when they were smacked with belts and paddles, and were often deprived of food. The 9- and 11-year-old also said they were sexually abused by their stepfather, 44-year-old Juan Carlos Sanchez.

“There was evidence of what the kids said had happened to them,” said Scioto County Sheriff’s Captain David Hall. “The poor little bodies of the children have evidence of what they are claiming. And there was evidence to support what they were saying about being tied up at the house.”

Police arrested the mother and grandmother of the children, 31-year-old Bobbi Sue Pack and 52-year-old Edwina Louis, charging them both with three counts of felony child endangerment. They are each being held on $150,000 bond. Sanchez got the same charges, along with two charges of rape. He’s being held on a $1 million bond.

Detectives are also looking for 24-year-old Leah Dillon, who they say fled the residence after Children Services showed up. Detectives were given information that this female could be in the Pike County area and are requesting anybody with information on her whereabouts to please call police. It was unclear whether Dillon is also a relative.

Hall said the children are safe and in the care of a Foster family.

Sanchez, Pack and Louis

Two Teens Accused Of Raping, Murdering Corriann Cervantes During Satanic Ritual -

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Two Teens Accused Of Raping, Murdering Corriann Cervantes During Satanic Ritual

HOUSTON, TX – Police have arrested two teens, 17-year-old Jose Reyes and a 16-year-old classmate, in connection to the abduction, rape and murder of 15-year-old Corriann Cervantes.

Corriann Cervantes was last seen on Wednesday, but her body wasn’t found until early Saturday morning after someone went to investigate an open door at a vacant apartment. Houston police say the girl had been violently raped and then had her head bashed in with a toilet tank lid and an ashtray.

Even more disturbing is the fact that there was evidence of occult activity in the apartment and around the girl’s half-naked body. According to investigators, an upside-down cross had been carved into Cervantes’ stomach, and religious items had been placed around her body.

Reyes was arrested on Sunday after confessing to his part in the crime to a family member. He told police that he his 16-year-old friend both knew Cervantes from the alternative school they all attended. He said that they took the girl to the abandoned apartment where they both raped her before beating her to death when she tried to leave.

According to police, Reyes said the motive behind the crime was so the 16-year-old “could sell his soul to the devil.”

Reyes is looking at a charge of capital murder, and has been ordered held in jail without bail. The 16-year-old was arrested on Monday at school, then referred to the Harris County Juvenile Probation Authority on a charge of capitol murder.

Reyes seems to be taking everything in stride, even smiling for the cameras while in court on Monday.

Boy, 13, Raped Little Sister After Watching Porn On Xbox -

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Boy, 13, Raped Little Sister After Watching Porn On Xbox

Blackburn, England – A 13-year-old boy admitted to raping his eight-year-old sister after watching porn on an Xbox because he wanted to “try it out”.

The boy told investigators that he regularly used his gaming console to view porn online and decided to mimic what he’d been watching. He picked his little sister as his sexual guinea pig because she was small and “couldn’t remember stuff”.

According to reports, the teen didn’t hold back. He’s admitted to raping the girl, performing sex acts on her and getting her to perform a sex act on him.

The boy is currently out on bail while a pre-sentence report is being prepared. He is currently living with relatives away from his sister.

“This is one of those tragic sexual experimentation cases,” said .Det Insp Claire Holbrook. “The family is now being supported and the child is recovering well.”

Microsoft released a statement regarding this incident, reminding parents that the console is equipped with parental controls that allows a parent to restrict what games kids can play and what they are able to watch online.

But Jack Straw, a Blackburn Member of Parliament, said it was the responsibility of ISPs to make sure children could not access sexually-explicit content. “I hope that the internet service providers recognize that they have greater responsibilities for controlling access to porn,” he said.

He and others are trying to introduce a new online safety bill that proposes that Internet users be required to opt in and prove they are over 18 to view adult content – because this has worked so well in other forms of adult media.

I mean, without the explicit lyric stickers on CDs, kids would be listening to music with adult lyrics about sex, drugs and murdering people. And thank God for the rating system on movies and video games. Without them, kids would be watching hockey-mask wearing psychopaths chop up big-breasted women or playing GTA V.

Although I have a better idea that I think would work much better. Bear with me, as it is a radical concept that seems lost on today’s society… but I say parents should be responsible for what their children are accessing online.

Did that blow your mind, or what? Let’s be real. Having to opt in to prove you are over 18 to view porn online will do nothing to stop kids from accessing porn and just add one more step before I can get on Pornhub to watch anal gape videos.

Melinda Muniz Murdered Toddler, Faked Her Own Rape To Cover It Up -

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Melinda Muniz Murdered Toddler, Faked Her Own Rape To Cover It Up

PLANO, TX – Plano police have accused 25-year-old Melinda Muniz of murdering her boyfriend’s 2-year-old daughter then blaming it on a man who broke into their apartment and raped her.

On Jan, 9, Mitchum Ford called police to request a welfare check at his apartment to check on his fiancee, Muniz, and his daughter, Grace. When police arrived at the apartment, they found Grace unconscious in a crib with duct tape covering her mouth and her pants pulled down. She was not breathing, she had no pulse, and her lips and face were blue. 

Police also found Muniz in the apartment. She was on the floor of another room and also had her mouth duct taped shut with her pants pulled down. She told police that an intruder forced his way into the apartment, restrained her, then sexually assaulted her. She told them she did not know what happened to Grace.

Police began CPR on Grace and called for an ambulance, but the little girl was declared dead at Children’s Medical Center three days later. According to her family, she died of suffocation. Early in their investigation, police were finding Muniz’s story inconsistent.

“What was reported to us that had taken place, there was not any way that could have happened,” said police spokesman David Tilley.

It also didn’t help Muniz that medical tests showed no signs of a rape having occurred, and surveillance footage from a nearby store captured Muniz purchasing duct tape, zip ties, kitchen shears and cotton swabs just a couple of hours before police arrived at the couple’s apartment.

“She took the child with her to purchase the items that she was going to use during the commission of the crime,” Tilley said. “Clearly premeditated.”

On Tuesday, police arrested Muniz and charged her with capital murder. She was ordered held in the Plano City Jail on $1million bond.

Grace’s mother, who was in the middle of a custody battle with her husband over Grace’s care, made a post on Facebook with a little more information regarding Muniz’s arrest:

“Melinda Muniz, Mitch Ford’s fiance, is now in jail with capital murder charges for suffocating my Gracie with duct tape!!! She confessed. What a gross monster!!! She also confessed to cheating on Mitch, faking amnesia for the last two weeks, beating herself up after she killed my baby, and lying about herself and my daughter being raped in an attempt to cover up her sick murder.”

To make matters even more tragic, Grace’s grandfather contacted Child Protective Services just two days before police conducted their welfare check. CPS confirmed they had received a call informing them of possible child abuse, but they could not confirm the allegation.

Mom From TLC Reality Show Charged With Raping 13-Year-Old Boy -

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Mom From TLC Reality Show Charged With Raping 13-Year-Old Boy

SHERWOOD, AR - Andrea Clevenger, the 34-year-old mother featured on TLC’s “Cheer Perfection,” has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 13-year-old boy.

Like practically every story we’ve featured on D’D regarding a woman having sex with a minor, she got busted after the victim’s parents found sexually explicit pics and text messages on their son’s phone and contacted police.

The boy’s mother contacted Clevenger to inform her that she was aware of what she’d been doing with her son. Clevenger apologized and said she would go to rehabilitation, but also made the comment that the boy “didn’t act 13.”

When interviewed by police, the boy told investigators that he was at Clevenger’s home in November when she started making sexual advances towards him. At one point she instructed him to sit on the couch and remove his pants, which he did. He said Clevenger then straddled him and the two had sex. 

He told investigators that Clevenger told him to notify her before he ejaculated. When he did, he said Clevenger got off him and let him come in her mouth. After a series of high-fives with some of the officers present, the boy went on to say that on two other occasion in October, Clevenger gave him a blowjob in her parked vehicle.

Police confiscated the boy’s phone and were able to retrieve multiple photos of a woman’s bare breasts and vagina. Thankfully, Clevenger’s busted face is not in those pics, but police say that moles and other skin flaws will make it easy to identify who owned them. Also recovered were pics of the boy’s penis that he said he took and sent to Clevenger at her request.

When Clevenger was contacted by police, she agreed to come in for an interview but failed to show up. She told detectives she’d hired an attorney who informed her not to talk to them. Police would eventually issue two felony warrants for her arrest: one for rape, and one for engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in a visual or print medium.

Clevenger turned herself into police yesterday morning and was later released on bond, although she is required to wear a GPS monitoring device.

Clevenger was one of the mothers featured on “Cheer Perfection,” a TLC reality show about a team of cheerleaders at Cheer Time Revolution in Sherwood. TLC has issued the following statement: ”TLC doesn’t have a comment; Regarding the series, the network made the decision a few months ago not to order more episodes, and we do not air the show in repeats.”

Teen Charged After Police Find Detailed Plan To Rape And Murder Teenage Girl -

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Teen Charged After Police Find Detailed Plan To Rape And Murder Teenage Girl

GALIVANTS FERRY, SC - Police have arrested 18-year-old Chris Heuser after they say he planned to rape and kill a teenage girl in his neighborhood.

On Sunday, a teen called police to report she’d come home to find one of her windows broken and her car tires slashed. She called back a second time to report finding a wallet and knives in a ditch next to her house. What had her more scared than a possible burglary was the handwritten note found inside the wallet.

It was a 14-part plan to stab, rape and dump her body, complete with estimated times to complete each of the tasks. She said she believed the note was written by Heuser, a boy with mental issues who lived down the street with his foster parents. He’d repeatedly stopped by her house hours earlier saying he was searching for his cell phone.

Investigators paid Heuser a visit at his home and found a letter with “what appeared to be the exact handwriting as the letter found in the ditch next to the house that was broken into”, according to a police report. Heuser was taken into custody and confessed to writing the notes. He also revealed just how close he came to finishing all of the tasks on his to-do list.

He told police he hid in the ditch next to the victim’s house with two of his mother’s kitchen knives. Heuser said he slashed the victim’s car tires then broke into her house, unaware she wasn’t at home. When he couldn’t locate her in the house, he left the area and accidentally left behind his wallet.

Investigators contacted his therapist who informed them that while Heuser had some social issues and had been on a downward spiral, he knew right from wrong. The therapist added that Heuser “needs to be locked away in a mental hospital.”

Heuser was booked into J. Reuben Long Detention Center on charges of attempted murder, burglary, and malicious damage to personal property.

Imagine how that girl must feel right now, knowing how bad things could have been had she been home when Heuser stopped by that last time. Although, at any time some whack job with a knife and a hard-on could be hiding in your closet waiting for you to return home, or watching your house waiting for you to fall asleep so they can slip into your room.